about avlu

Avlu derived from the word for "courtyard" reflects the traditional architectural look and feel of our historical venue.

We have aimed to reflect the essence of old town Nicosia during the design and construction of Avlu.

Avlu has not only brought the food court/street concept to Cyprus but it also has introduced its own distinctive approach Within Avlu, visitors can experience a diverse culinary offering through 7 unique shops that serve a variety of traditional and fast foods, including sushi, pizza, pasta, coffee, desserts, cocktails, and craft beer.

What sets Avlu apart is its tailor-made ordering system, which allows patrons to enjoy offerings from all these different shops without needing to place separate orders at each one. This streamlined system enhances the dining experience by providing a seamless way to sample and enjoy a wide range of cuisines and beverages in one place.

Symbol of Avlu was inspired from the unique shape of the wooden support structure that is placed in the window frame of the historical stone house. It represents the distinctive architectural engineering of the era the stone house was built in.

This particular structure was used to close off window openings and builders were able to utilize thinner and smaller stones thus allowing the inner side to be used as a shelf/cupboard.

The incorporation of this symbol into Avlu's identity reflects a connection to tradition and a celebration of local heritage.

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